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Lanu Mea Mata Samoan Milestone Card Collection

Lanu Mea Mata Samoan Milestone Card Collection

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A unique collection of Samoan milestone cards in sage green. The perfect way to capture your growing pepe making milestones. All cards have a design on the reverse side which can be used as a wall decal or for that extra accessory in photos!


This set includes:

Talofa oute fou i inei (Hello I'm new here)
TASI - Aso nei ua tasi lo'u masina le matua (Today I am one month old)
LUA - Aso nei ua lua o'u masina (Today I am two months old)
TOLU - Aso nei ua tolu o'u masina (Today I am three months old)
FA - Aso nei ua fa o'u masina (Today I am four months old)
LIMA - Aso nei ua lima o'u masina (Today I am five months old)
ONO - Aso nei ua ono o'u masina (Today I am six months old)
FITU - Aso nei ua fitu o'u masina (Today I am seven months old)
VALU - Aso nei ua valu o'u masina (Today I am eight months old)
IVA - Aso nei ua iva o'u masina (Today I am nine months old)
SEFULU - Aso nei ua sefulu o'u masina (Today I am ten months old)
SEFULU TASI - Aso nei ua sefulu ma le tasi o'u masina (Today I am eleven months old)
TASI - Aso nei o lo'u aso fanau ma ua tasi ai ou tausaga (Today is my birthday, I'm one years old)

Taimi muamua ua ou ata ai (I smiled for the first time)
Taimi muamua na ou taavalevale ai (I rolled over for the first time)

Taimi muamua na ou totolo ai (I crawled for the first time)
Taimi Muamua na ou ai ai i meaai (I ate food for the first time)

O lau kirisimasi muamua (My first Christmas)

O lou nifo muamua (My first tooth)


Custom made by BO & KO and printed locally in Aotearoa. The cards are 14cm in diameter, on 300gsm card and pakaged in a drawstring cotton bag for safe keeping.

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