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Valeti Tongan Milestone Card Collection

Valeti Tongan Milestone Card Collection

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A unique collection of 19 purple milestone cards in Tongan. The perfect way to capture your little one as they reach their monthly milestones. All cards have a design on the reverse side which can be used as a wall decal or for that extra accessory in photos!


This set includes;


Mālō e lelei 'oku ou fo'ou heni (Hello, I'm new here)
TAHA - 'Oku ou mahina taha he 'aho ni (I am one month old today)
UA - 'Oku ou mahina ua he 'aho ni (I am two months old today)
TOLU - 'Oku ou mahina tolu he 'aho ni (I am three months old today)
FA - 'Oku ou mahina fa he 'aho ni (I am four months old today)
NIMA - 'Oku ou mahina nima he 'aho ni (I am five months old today)
ONO - 'Oku ou mahina ono he 'aho ni (I am six months old today)
FITU - 'Oku ou mahina fitu he 'aho ni (I am seven months old today)
VALU - 'Oku ou mahina valu he 'aho ni (I am eight months old today)
HIVA - 'Oku ou mahina hiva he 'aho ni (I am nine months old today)
HONGOFULU - 'Oku ou mahina hongofulu he 'aho ni
(I am ten months old today)
TAHA TAHA - 'Oku ou mahina taha taha he 'aho ni
(I am eleven months old today)
TAHA - Ko hoku 'aho fā'ele'í 'eni pea 'oku ou ta'u taha
(It is my birthday and I am one years old today)

Ko e fuofua taimi 'eni ke u malimali ai he 'ahó ni
(Today I smiled for the first time)
Ko e fuofua taimi 'eni ke u totolo ai he 'ahó ni
(Today I rolled over for the first time)
Ko e fuofua taimi 'eni ke u 'eve' eva ai he 'ahó ni
(Today I crawled for the first time)
Ko e fuofua taimi 'eni ke u kai me' akai ai he 'ahó ni
(Today I ate food for the first time)
Ko hoku fuofua kilisimasí (My first Christmas)
Ko hoku 'uluaki nifo (My first tooth)


This set has been custom made by BO & KO and printed locally in Aotearoa. The cards are 14cm in diameter, on 300gsm card and packaged in a drawstring cotton bag for safe keeping.

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