Our Values

1. Whānau

BO & KO Baby blossomed from the directors' profound dedication to immersing their own tamariki in their cultural heritage. Their whānau, their very heartbeat, served as the catalyst for BO & KO Baby's inception. Rooted in this familial love and commitment, we aspire to extend our hand to other whānau, empowering them to cherish and honor their heritage. We stand firm in our resolve to foster a sense of belonging and pride among families, igniting a collective celebration of identity.

2. Culture 

At the core of our pakihi (business) beats the rhythm of cultural revitalization. We are steadfast in our mission to contribute to the resurgence of Te Ao Māori and Pacific cultures. Through meticulously crafted product collections, we weave threads of tradition into the fabric of everyday life. Our endeavor is not only to normalize cultural expression within the home but also to honor and exalt it from the very moment of birth. In embracing kotahitanga, the unity of diverse iwi and ethnicities, we stand as a beacon of inclusivity, fostering a tapestry of harmony and respect.

3. Quality 

BO & KO Baby's commitment to quality resonates in every stitch and every fiber of our products. We prioritize the release of impeccably crafted baby goods, each imbued with the essence of quality and care. Additionally, our dedication to quality extends to every stage of production. Before our products reach the market, they undergo thorough quality assessments conducted by both our manufacturers and ourselves. These assessments are integral to ensuring that each item meets our stringent standards for safety, durability, and performance. By meticulously evaluating our products during the sampling process, we guarantee that they meet the expectations of our customers and uphold the integrity of our brand. We are committed to environmental sustainability and ensuring the utmost quality in our products. One way we demonstrate this commitment is by using recyclable packaging and certified organic natural fabrics where possible. By opting for materials that can be recycled, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

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