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Pacific Island Pepe Wrap | Mauve

Pacific Island Pepe Wrap | Mauve

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Wrap your pepe in the essence of Pacific culture with our BO & KO Baby Pacific Island Pepe Wraps. This wrap is ultra soft, made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Ideal for swaddling and adorning your little one.

Measuring 120x120cm, its generous size ensures versatility beyond a swaddle - from a shade cloth to a light blanket, burp cloth, or even a convenient over-the-shoulder feeding cover, the uses are endless. Pair it with our matching Pacific Island Cot Sheet for added cultural richness to your little ones nursery. 

Behind the design of the Pacific Island Pepe Wrap lies a rich tapestry of patterns drawn from diverse Pacific Islands, including Samoa, Tonga, and the Cook Islands. Each pattern carries cultural significance, symbolising attributes such as strength, protection, guidance, and the weaving bonds that unite families.

Designed in Aotearoa with Artwork by Tuku-Marie Rangitaawa (Tuku-Marie Polynesian Art) and made with care in China. 

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