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Tiki Pēpi Wrap | Green

Tiki Pēpi Wrap | Green

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Wrap your pēpi in the essence of Māori culture with our BO & KO Baby Tiki Pēpi Wrap. This wrap is ultra soft, made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Ideal for swaddling and adorning your little one.

Measuring 120x120cm, its generous size ensures versatility beyond a swaddle - from a shade cloth to a light blanket, burp cloth, or even a convenient over-the-shoulder feeding cover, the uses are endless. 

BO & KO Baby have received blessing from Kaumātua to produce all products adorned with the Tiki. Through the process of blessing, tapu has been removed and they are now noa products. Noa means they are free from the extensions of tapu, ordinary, unrestricted and void. There are many traditional meanings to Tiki, Māori believe Tiki to be the first man. Symbolism is said to represent ancestors, the goddess of childbirth Hineteiwaiwa, linking the past, present and future.  Traditionally, Hei Tiki are passed from parent to child or used for protection and good luck. 

Designed in Aotearoa with Artwork by Vince Hay (@kaitoa_ink) and made with care in China. 

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